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Bayramoğlu Evden Eve Nakliyat Since 1986, Evden Eve has been providing our valuable customers with insured goods transportation service. You come to your place of residence and offer a free appraisal service and you will receive detailed information about the area covered by your products, how to transport them to the most suitable conditions and pricing. Your expert ladies are packed specially by dematerializing you and protected against crushing. The loading process is carried out precisely and the route to the destination zone is reached. Unloading and assembly operations are again carried out by specialist kadromuz. Your items can be placed precisely where you want them, as you want. A team leader will be available to deal with you during all these operations.

Evden eve nakliyat

As a company culture, we always keep our customers satisfied. If you choose us, you will be transported from home to home; we can guarantee that you will be happy with our friendly, experienced and expert employees.
Evden eve shipping companies always show an unrivaled and quality business sense and always provide reliable transportation. Our thought is that 'every thing that is carried is our own property'. That is why we should not aim to be within your dungeon. Because we work on references, a customer for us is referring to thousands of customers.
Things to pay attention
There are 6 things you need to pay particular attention to when moving from home to home. These situations are; pre-shipment planning, preparation of goods list, selection of company, transportation contract, insurance of home transportation and packaging of goods.
Pre-shipping plan
The first step to move begins with the right planning. Plan must be made at least 4 weeks before shipment and all stages should be indicated until transport is completed. For example; the date on which the house is to be kept, the date when the shipping company is to be identified, etc. This plan will save you from possible harmful consequences.
Preparation of goods list
Before transport, determine which player you will move first. Number the items you packed, it will help remind you which pakette you are. Then, prepare a list of items, write the numbered packages to the list, and add the listener bi to the contract. This will prove that your package has disappeared in the event of possible loss of goods after you have finished shipping, and will be effective in meeting the expense of the shipping company.
Company selection
The most important stage of the home-to-home transportation phase is the stage of company selection. Because if you take precautions, you have to deal with a firm that you understand is quality and reliable and you can confidently deliver your goods. Let's list the specific criteria you need to take care of.
1.The only price you choose when choosing a freight company is not the price. Because quality is never limited to price.
 2.The companies that you write on the air engines and the ones that are in the first place are not guaranteed quality, so you can not decide accordingly. Because they are ranked according to the commission they give for the page, not the quality.
3. Make sure that you have sufficient information on the transportation information. Address, company name, surname, fixed telephone, etc.
4. Make sure that the company you choose is your firm of the city you reside in.
5. Check the company's authority document. Search the titles written document referring to Turkey Registry Gazette.
Shipping contract
Do not forget to sign a contract with the company you agree with. Examine the contract you make, change the things that are obvious and unpleasant. Remember that you are entrusting the company with the goods after the contract.
Packing of goods
The important thing in packaging process is; If the packer you packed is damaged during transport, the person will not be liable to the company. For this reason, pack your products as much as possible. If you have small parts, ask for packing of large items such as white goods. Another important issue is labeling packages. Label your items by importance. At this point, the company employees know better how to transport the merchant during shipment. The labeling has an important role during the carriage of goods and the loading of cars, so do not neglect.